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Recently, I wrote about how the universe is always giving us what we ask for. I’d like to add – it doesn’t always show up in the way we’ve imagined!

My 60th birthday is fast approaching and I had decided I would love to celebrate by going to dinner and a concert; something I’ve wanted to do for quite some time. When I heard that Yanni would soon be performing nearby, I excitedly went on-line for tickets. The best seats were already sold out and they were a bit too pricey for me anyways, so I decided to wait. The very next day I discovered that Triple AAA members can enter a drawing for four free tickets to see Yanni. There was my chance!

Then, last night, a friend called me with a last minute invitation to attend a concert with her. Because another friend had just treated me to dinner that afternoon to thank me for something, I was already dressed and ready to go so I said, “Yes, let’s do it!” After hanging up the phone, I began laughing when I realized what had just happened – a FREE dinner followed by a FREE concert at the Berklee Center for Performing Arts in Boston – a performance that was so fabulous, by the way, that at one point I thought, this might even be better than seeing Yanni!!!

I don’t know if I’ll win the tickets to see him or not. That would be awesome but there will be no disappointment if I don’t. After all . . .

I already got what I asked for.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!            

Let your spirit soar!


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