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Court in Session (#11)


I went to court today to support a friend who’s going through a divorce. As I sat there watching people waiting for a judge to rule on their case, I began thinking that the courthouse is just a big symbol of an even bigger problem in our lives. Of course, none of us like to be judged, but isn’t that what we do every day? For every loving thought we have, how many judgmental ones are there? From small irritations like inclement weather to more important issues such as going to war, it seems that we’re just not happy unless we’re judging someone or something.

But, what if everything that we see “outside” of ourselves is really just a reflection of what is going on “inside” of us? What if it’s our own unhappiness (conscious or not) that causes us to see things the way we do? For example, I remember a time that I was driving to an art class in the snow. It was getting slippery and I kept changing my mind about whether to continue or turn around and go home. Soon there was a motorist driving right next to me on the highway. Although there was plenty of room for him to either keep his distance or get around me, he kept passing me and then falling back, over and over again. It was making me so nervous that I finally found myself screaming at him, ‘WOULD YOU MAKE UP YOUR FLIPPING MIND!!!!! He couldn’t hear me, of course but, when I heard myself, I started to laugh. I realized that the driver was simply mirroring my own indecision! And, how interesting!  As soon as I figured that out, he exited the highway.

So, the next time you find yourself playing judge and jury, you might want to check out who’s actually in the witness stand. 🙂

Let your spirit soar!

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