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Loving Mirrors #17

Mid-week, I found myself filling out a questionnaire about my self image. Part of the instruction was to think of someone who has helped me to believe in myself and to tell how important it is to support others by focusing on their true loving nature instead of their false ego identity. As I wrote about a lifelong friend who has supported me in so many ways, my eyes filled with tears of gratitude. This is part of what I wrote about how much her help meant to me: “It is so easy to belittle ourselves that we surely don’t need any outside help. When we are feeling lost and emotionally battered, it’s the people in our life who act as loving mirrors who play an extremely important role in steering us back to the truth. Instead of siding with our smallness, they hold open a space containing the truth about how beautiful we really are until we are ready and able to step into that space and claim the truth for ourselves.”

It occurred to me that, perhaps, those words are a description of what God (or your version of a higher power) really is; a force of pure love that doesn’t recognize smallness but, instead, holds a mirror up to us reflecting the beautiful spirits that we really are, waiting patiently for us to see the truth and come to our senses.

Let your spirit soar!
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