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Do you want it?   #21

 Do you have a big dream for your life?

 Recently I had lunch with a new friend who is a very gifted psychic. Although I wasn’t there for a reading, at one point in our conversation she felt compelled to share a vision with me of what she saw possible in my future. She had my full attention as she described in great detail the very vision I have had for myself for a long time. I was very excited about this unexpected turn of events because she basically took my fantasy and brought it into the realm of possibility. She made it real! Three or four times she stopped, pointed at me and said, “Do you want it? Because I can see you having it if you want it! Do you want it?!!!”

 I knew I was being asked this powerful question because, in the past I have manifested two similar situations that I didn’t want! I convinced myself that I wanted them because I bought into someone else’s idea of what my dream should be instead of listening to my own heart. Now I’m being told that my lifelong vision really can come true. How exciting! But this time will be different. This time I’m going to make sure that the dream I live is my own.

 Whose dream are you living?

Let your spirit soar!

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