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I picked up my mother at the Manchester airport last Tuesday. She arrived on schedule at 1:15 but her luggage did not. Because she had to board the plane last minute, her bag got loaded onto the next flight which wouldn’t arrive until 5pm. By the time we discovered this, it was still over three hours away. Reluctantly, my mom said she would make the two hour round trip back to pick it up later. What choice did she have? Although she is very independent, I didn’t like the idea of my 89 year old mother doing all that driving during rush hour traffic, especially after a whole morning of air travel. I had a better idea.

 I have wanted to spend more time with her anyways so, I thought why not spend those hours shopping at the Manchester Mall together? We haven’t been there in years! Off we went on our little excursion. We haven’t shopped together for a very long time so we had lots of fun and we each found items that we had been searching for. Instead of struggling, we ended up enjoying a lovely afternoon.

 I’m gradually learning to remember to take a deep breath before I start grumbling that things aren’t going according to my plan because, quite often, they are working out perfectly according to my desires.

Let your spirit soar!

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