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A recent comment from the famous poet, Maya Angelou, reminded me of something that happened when I was twelve years old. My dad worked in construction at the time. He usually worked locally but for a few months he had been working far away in Montpelier, Vermont. He only came home on weekends and I really missed him during the week. On this particular weekend, my dad wasn’t going to be able to get home so I was excited when my mother announced that we would be driving up to visit him instead. We arrived at the hotel and I happily ran up the sidewalk and went inside to find my dad. I found him sitting in the lounge, talking with some of his construction buddies. I will never forget the look on his face when I entered the room. His eyes lit up and he smiled the biggest smile I had ever seen. It seemed he just couldn’t wait to hug me and introduce me to his friends. In that moment, I felt like a queen! Even as I write this, my eyes fill with grateful tears for the love he gave me back then and the love I feel from him in spirit now. I think of that moment often. Each time I do, I pray that everyone has someone in their life whose face lights up when they enter the room.

 Whether it is a child or another adult, who can you do that for today?

Let your spirit soar!

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