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Something to talk about   #28

 A few minutes ago I had the impulse to turn on the radio at a time of day when I wouldn’t normally listen. That usually means there’s a message coming. 🙂 The first song was one that always reminds me that my dad is with me in spirit so that got my attention. The next song spoke about how, “maybe, someday, we’ll figure all this out, we’ll live our lives out loud and find a way to feel better now.” Well, that’s something I’m certainly working on, for myself and to share with others. The third song was, “Let’s give ‘em something to talk about”, which is one of my favorite, upbeat songs to dance to. As I was dancing and singing my heart out (they say you gotta dance like nobody’s watching J) I had an ah-ha moment. The song goes on to say, “How about love?”

 So if I string these three messages together, here’s what I get:

     My dad is watching over me and guiding me.
     He knows I’m trying to figure things out and share a message with the world
      I need to dance joyfully through life and what I’m supposed to talk about is LOVE!!!

 THAT’S IT! That’s the message that all my life experience, introspection and studying has led me to. All I need to do is talk about and be love (a.k.a. joy), because love is the only thing that’s real! And it isn’t something we have to get. It’s what we ARE!

Let your spirit soar!
Photo: courtesy of Meghan Moore

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