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The perfect invitation  #29

 Do you tend to plan everything out ahead of time? I know I sometimes do. If someone invites me somewhere, I usually play the game of at least “20 questions.” I want to know exactly what to expect. I guess I want to avoid surprises and feel safe. Lately, I’ve been trying to surrender each moment of my day to God’s direction. If God is pure love and only wants happiness for me, then I know I should be able to trust His guidance. Some days, I can’t go more than a few minutes before my “planning” brain takes over, but I’m gradually doing better.

Recently, I’ve sensed that I would be taking a trip that would be life changing in positive ways. Two weeks ago, a good friend invited me to join her and a friend on an eight day trip to the Pacific northwest. It will be the first time that I have ever gone on a trip with “the girls”, as opposed to a family trip that I carefully choreographed from start to finish. Being much more seasoned travelers than I am, they were happy to plan our itinerary, lodging and the like. And, for the first time in my life, I am happy to let them do that! In fact, I’m quite excited at the prospect of just getting on the plane and seeing where each day takes me. Maybe this new found sense of letting go stems from my recent practice with surrendering, but I think the main thing that keeps me from asking too many questions, or getting nervous about the cost, is knowing who invited me. My friend said that God told her to invite me along.

  With that kind of invitation . . . . . how can I go wrong?

Let your spirit soar!
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