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Opportunity or test #32

Opportunity or test   #32

Life can be confusing at times. For example, a year ago I was looking for a dream job that would be a most unlikely find. I wanted a position with pay commensurate with my status as an R.N. but, since I haven’t practiced medicine since 1998, I really didn’t want a lot of medical responsibility. Nothing materialized.

 Now that I’m in a position of being close to selling a house (it’s under contract!) that is not my current residence and I do not absolutely need to work, the perfect job has shown up out of the blue and is being offered to me on a silver platter! What to do?

I find my mind going back and forth. Is this job a perfect opportunity in ways I can’t yet imagine or, is it a test of my resolve to keep pursuing my dreams in the direction I’m currently going? Have you ever heard the story about the man stranded on his roof during a flood? He passes up help from a passing boat and a helicopter saying, “No thanks, God will save me.” After he drowns, he asks God why he didn’t save him from the flood. God replies, “I DID! I sent you a boat and a plane!!!”

Is this job the boat!

 I don’t have the answer yet but I do know this. Money can’t be the deciding factor in my taking this high paying position. It’s just not a good enough reason. And I can’t see myself half-heartedly taking the job, knowing that I can always quit if I don’t like it. That’s just not who I am. If the owner and I ultimately agree that the position should be mine, it will be because I am ready to enter it with a full commitment to serve the company and its clients with excellence, integrity, and heart.

Let your spirit soar!

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