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Shining example #35

A shining example    #35

 At the risk of talking too much about my recent job opportunity, I have something else I want to share. I was just blown away at the high level of integrity, mutual concern for each other, and transparency that was brought to the interview itself. If I were to have a boss, I would want this man to be it! Each of us entered the interview process with open minds, complete honesty, and a genuine interest in making sure that the other person would be well served and happy with the final decision. It was so refreshing! I wasn’t there to “sell him a bill of goods” and he wasn’t looking to just “get a position filled.”

In fact, at one point he asked me to tell him more about the work I do through Spirit Rising and about the seminar I’m giving in November. When I finished telling him, he said he could hear my passion about my speaking career. Even though I could tell he liked me and wanted me to be right for the position, he voiced his concern that I might eventually be angry that this new job was taking me away from the work I love. How’s that for being perceptive and caring?!!!

 He wasn’t surprised when I called him back a few days later to withdraw my application. As it turned out, they had just made a decision to go with someone with far more experience in the field than I had and I’m very happy for all of them. He told me to call him if there was any way that he could help me with my career and I know he meant it. Who knows? Perhaps I’ll do a seminar for them someday!

 Anyways, I just had to share my beautiful experience. It was a shining example of how joyful the world can be when we remember our Oneness and desire the highest good for everyone.

Let your spirit soar!

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