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A certain freedom #36

Well, there are no big events to talk about in my life at the moment. My house is still under contract to sell and going smoothly, the decision about whether or not to take the job is behind me, and my big trip to the San Juan Islands in the Pacific northwest is now a fond memory. I still have appointments and social engagements to keep, speeches to write, and my book to work on but, all in all, my life is fairly quiet for the moment.

 This is when I have to be vigilant. Every day I wake up grateful for having this free time and the luxury of being able to turning down that job offer. I’m grateful that I have time to develop my yoga practice, learn Tai Chi, go for long walks, cook healthier meals, etc. But I have to be vigilant that I do those things I profess I want to do and not succumb to the temptation of regularly sleeping in late, watching too much television, and fixing the fastest, easiest food in the kitchen.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with any of those things. What is wrong, in my eyes, is knowing that my actions don’t match up with my thoughts and words I speak about what I want for my life. I’ve always considered myself to be a very reliable person. If I make a commitment to someone else, I’m very good about keeping it. I know that there is relief and a certain freedom in being able to depend on someone else’s word. But I’m learning that there’s an even greater freedom in knowing that I can trust myself. So I’ve been making nutritious fruit and vegetable smoothies for my lunch all week and I feel good about that. And I would write more about this but, right now, I think I’ll go do some yoga.

Let your spirit soar!

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