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All in the asking #38

All in the asking   #38

 I stayed at my friend’s house for supper the other night after minding her nine year old daughter for the afternoon. We sat around the table chatting after our meal and my friend and I began talking about our careers and such. After quite a while her daughter politely spoke up. “Excuse me, Mommy” she said, “I’m feeling left out of this conversation and I really want to talk with you and Paula. Could we talk about something else for a while?” I was stunned. I don’t know many adults who can state their needs and make a request so clearly, with so little drama and so much respect! I couldn’t help but think how refreshing it would be if more of us would do the same. Now, to be sure, this little girl has plenty of typical nine year old moments as well, but that night she set a shining example that we all might want to emulate the next time we’re feeling needy.

Let your spirit soar!
photo by Kathleen Kliskey (Geraghty)

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