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I recently received an e-mail from a young woman who claims she is living in a refugee camp after fleeing from a war torn country and the constant threat of being raped, if not killed, like her parents were. She said she read my profile and was interested in knowing more about me. Being that it’s the internet and anyone could be sending these messages, I am proceeding with caution. At the same time, my heart goes out to her and to anyone else who may be in a similar situation. I am also sitting here asking spirit to help me understand why has she shown up in my life right now? Am I supposed to help? Is there a lesson to be learned?

 I’m inclined to believe that it has something to do with my continued study of A Course in Miracles that I’ve spoken about previously. I am two thirds of the way into the year long course. Applying its teachings everyday has brought a tremendous amount of peace and ease and joy into my life. I’ve also had the pleasure of introducing the course to a few friends and seeing them experience some amazing results. However, none of us are expecting to meet a rapist or murderer lurking around the next corner! I don’t mean to trivialize our problems. We are each where we need to be, learning what we need to learn, including the young woman in the refugee camp. But I suspect that a continued conversation with her will provide fertile ground for me to test what I’m learning (and sharing) in a much more profound way.

 When an unexpected situation arises in our life, often our first question is, “What should I do?” But, on the advice of a good friend, I’m beginning to see that sometimes the most helpful question to ask first is, “What is this for?”

Let your spirit soar!
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