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The lesson continues   #40  

 Last week I spoke about an e-mail I received from a supposed refugee. Although it tugged at my heartstrings, I wondered if it could be a scam. Indeed, the third message I received was all about transferring money so I abruptly ended all correspondence. But, before I let myself fall into the trap of seeing myself as “the victim,” I again followed my friend’s advice and asked what the situation was for; what could I learn and how could I see it differently?”

 My first thought was that this was an opportunity to practice forgiveness; not the “world’s” brand of forgiveness that says, “I begrudgingly let you off the hook for the evil you did to me.” But, the kind of forgiveness I’m learning through A Course in Miracles that says, “I’m not attached to what you did because I know that only love is real – everything else is illusion – and I forgive you for being afraid and forgetting the loving being that you really are.”

 My next thought was that I had been provided an opportunity, once again, to develop more trust in my inner voice; the voice that raised a red flag that this was a scam. I have always been very trusting but, along with trust must come discernment.

 Lastly, my thoughts were of gratitude; for seeing that I listened to and trusted my inner knowing more quickly this time; for not falling into anger and victimization thinking; for not being a refugee myself and for all that I have in my life; for the chance to practice love and forgiveness, and; for remembering to ask, “What is this for?”

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