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The human landscape #41

As we move more deeply into autumn I am recalling a time last year when I unexpectedly stumbled upon a large stream, right in the heart of Chelmsford center. It was a lively, quickly moving stream dotted with varying size rocks and small waterfalls that made the water splash and gurgle in seemingly endless delight. The stream was tucked away in such a manner that I quickly lost awareness of the surrounding businesses and got lost in the beauty of nature. It was autumn then as well. The leaves were in full color, both on the trees and covering the ground. It was incredibly beautiful.

 As I sat there, enchanted by nature’s display, I had this thought:

 The leaves were like people in varying stages of their life’s journey. Some were still on the trees, some on the ground and some floating in the stream. There was only one or two of them that were floating, unimpeded, down the center of the stream. Others would temporarily get snagged on a rock or twig, then break free and float a little further until they got caught up again. Some were huddled in small bunches along the edge of the water, not willing to let go of their group just yet. A few were really entrenched in the muck and mire. Others were not in the water at all. They seemed to look on from the banks, content to watch others float on by. And yet, others were stubbornly clinging to the trees overhead, biding their time until they felt ready to drop to the ground and begin the next leg of their journey.

 As a spiritual counselor, I find myself wanting to help everyone float directly down the center of the stream, unimpeded by the struggles that we all inevitably face. Of course, that isn’t going to happen. But, as I sat admiring that spectacularly beautiful scene, it suddenly occurred to me that it was so beautiful precisely because all those leaves were at different stages in their journey. And so it is with each of us. We are each precisely where we need to be on our journey. And in our own way, we are each contributing to the beauty of the human landscape.

 Thank you for being part of the beautiful scenery in my life.

 If you would like to advance a little further on your journey this autumn, I would be honored to support you on your path. Call or write me at 508-517-9361 or paulaspiritrising@comcast.net to schedule your free, introductory session to see if spiritual counseling is the next step for you.

 Let your spirit soar!


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