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Letting go #42

Letting go   #42

 For the last ten days I have been trying to keep my cool. The closing date for selling my house has fallen through three times because the loan wasn’t approved yet.  I don’t claim to know anything about the process of selling a house. I’m very grateful to have a realtor taking care of business. But I must say I am incredulous that the bank (and I’ve been told this one is the WORST!) has the right to keep people dangling until the last possible minute. I felt really jerked around. I imagine the buyer must have felt the same.

 I found myself getting angry over the bank’s manipulation and fearful of not selling the house as scheduled to relieve my financial situation. In one of my calmer moments, I asked myself how I might be contributing to (creating) the problem. Two things came to mind. First, I’ve always had a problem with letting money flow into my life. Was I feeling unworthy? Did I think this process had to be really hard, so that I would feel justified that I had earned the money? And, was I mentally holding on to the house for sentimental reasons. After all, we raised our family their!

First, I began focusing more on the buyer’s desire to get the house than on my fear of not selling it. I came from a place of abundance. I had a house and she wanted it, so how could I help her get it. So I focused all my energy on picturing her being settled in her new home in time for Thanksgiving and just how happy and thankful she would be. Secondly, I felt a strong urge to visit the empty house this afternoon. I realized that I hadn’t completely let it go. I did a small releasing ceremony where I gave thanks for how the house has served me and my family for years and declared out loud that I was ready to release it to its new owner and move on with my own life. That was at 1pm.

 I received a call at 3pm. The loan was just approved.

 Let your spirit soar!

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