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Blowing bubbles #43

 There is a fairy statue sitting next to my computer. It was given to me by a friend I met when I had my gift shop. He would wander in once in a while, we would share a deep conversation, and then he would leave abruptly, not to return for a long time. I haven’t seen him since I closed the shop. I don’t even know how to get in touch with him, but I think of him with gratitude every time I gaze at that statue.

 The fairy is crouched down in a bed of leaves, sort of resting on her heels. She holds a small bottle in one hand and a wand for blowing bubbles in the other. There is a huge bubble at the tip of the wand and her lips are pursed as though she is gentling blowing in that direction.  It’s evident that she is completely content and absorbed in the moment, as though there couldn’t possibly be anything more important than the bubble before her eyes. One day, when another friend of mine was looking at the statue with me, I shared with her how deeply moved I was by the fairy but that I couldn’t quite put my finger on how she made me feel. Her reply was, “She reminds me that life is good.” That was it! From then on, that’s the feeling I equated with the statue but it is only now, as I write, that I’m getting the rest of the message. When I gaze at her, time seems to stop. She takes me out of my mind and into the present. She reminds me that,

“Life is good when you stay in the moment.”

 Let your spirit soar!

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