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And I helped #44

Last Friday I watched Oprah’s Life Class on her new network. The show was called “Joy Rising” and it gave many illustrations of the philanthropic work she has done. The joy she gave (and received) from helping people in such meaningful ways brought tears to my eyes over and over again. And, although I consider myself to be a helpful person, I found myself praying through my tears to please be shown how I could be helpful in a deeper and more meaningful way. Well, if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that the more emotion I put behind imagining what I want to create in my life, the faster and more powerfully it manifests. I guess I must have been pretty emotional because my prayer was literally answered overnight.

 The following day brought the huge snow storm and widespread power outages within a few blocks of me in every direction. My neighborhood was spared but many people around me needed help. My 89 year old mother needed a warm place to stay over the weekend and my friend who is a single mom still had to go to work even though her home had no power and her two children had no school. To top it off, she was leaving for a business trip to California on Wednesday. What began as a promise to watch her children overnight at her house for two nights turned into a marathon of watching them at my place for five days.

 I thought I would have to go out looking for someone to help but instead the need for help found me. I didn’t even realize my prayer had been answered until three days into the blackout when I told my friend that I didn’t know why I was fortunate enough to not lose power when everyone else around me did. She immediately hugged me and exclaimed, “It’s because you’re my angel!”

Who is your angel?

Let your spirit soar!

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