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Dreaming #48

I was abruptly awakened from a dream this morning by my ringing telephone. It turned out to be a very welcomed wake up call because I had overslept and company was due to arrive in just one hour. I was dreaming that I was in a severe snow storm. I couldn’t even enter my home because the door had blown off and snow had drifted up to eye level within the entrance. I was trying to dig my way out (surely symbolic of a “real life” situation I’m currently trying to dig out from under!) when the phone woke me up. The call was from a friend inviting me out for lunch. I had to catch myself when I realized that I was about to ask her if the driving conditions were OK! I’m sure she would have laughed and reminded me that I was only dreaming about the snow, but it seemed so REAL!!!”

 Even more so than in our dreams, our everyday life seems incredibly real. But through a series of “wake up calls”, I am beginning to see that this supposed “life” I’m living is a dream state of sorts too. Whatever I give my strongest attention to (negatively or positively) I get more of; what I put out into the universe is what I get back. If I’m struggling with a particular situation, whether it has to do with money, a job, a relationship, or whatever, I see it mirrored back to me through television shows, friend’s circumstances, articles I read, etc. It’s in my face everywhere! I see now that each and every thought I have is shaping/creating the “reality” of my life and that the fastest way to change a situation that I’m challenged with is to change the way I think about it. Becoming aware that I’m the dreamer has helped me to create a happier dream.

 I imagine that, someday, when I finally, fully grasp that I am a spiritual being having a human experience, I’ll be able to stand completely outside this dream I call “my life” and in amazement say, “But it seemed so REAL!”

Let your spirit soar!

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