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Really living #49-50

Since my computer was in the shop for almost a week, I’m sending two related thoughts today.

 How did you spend your day today? Did you drive to work, take out the trash, floss your teeth, run an errand or two, or change the oil in your car?

 Did you rush through any of your “chores” to get to the more important stuff in your life?

  A Course in Miracles says that “Only love is real.” When I think about how much of my time is spent in physical tasks necessary to support my physical being, like preparing food, buying clothes, sleeping, etc., it seems there isn’t much time left for me to do more “loving” things; hugging, listening to a friend, helping the needy. But a recent conversation with a friend reminded me that everything I do can be an act of love, whether for my self or someone “else”. Whether it’s putting the dishes away, wrapping a present or even just tying my shoes, doing it mindfully, with love, elevates the task from mundane to meaningful. And I’ve found the best way to be mindful is to slow down, even just a little bit, and stay in the moment.

 Actually, staying in the “moment” may not be the most accurate phrase to use. Scientists have finally become aware of the fact that time, as we experience it, doesn’t really exist. So what does staying in the “here and now” or “in the moment” really mean? For me, I’m beginning to realize that it’s not so much about staying in the moment. It’s more about staying in a state of love, no matter what I’m doing.

 If only love is real, then I’ll really be living.

 Have a warm and wonderful holiday season,


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