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A big heart #51

I just finished watching a movie called “The Mighty”. It’s a wonderful story about two young boys, both with handicaps, who are social misfits. Together they find a way to accomplish what neither was able to do alone. That is a powerful message in itself but, the line from the script that really stood out for me was when the mother of the younger boy had to explain his death to his older friend. Her son had a rare disorder in which his bones stopped growing but the organs in his body continued to grow at a normal rate. When he died, his mom told his friend that her son’s heart had grown “too big for his body”.

 I often talk about how we are spiritual beings having a human experience. I wonder what it will take for us to return to the reality of the spiritual beings that we are. Perhaps it will happen when the love in our heart expands so much that it becomes too big for our body.

 Wishing you a heart full of love this holiday season.

 Let your spirit soar!

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