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Recently, two Comcast representatives came to my door offering to combine my business internet account with my personal one. My business account was listed as Spirit Rising. Because I happened to be dressed up with Native American earrings on and feathers in my hair that day, the two men jumped to the conclusion that Sprit Rising was my personal name. They were so intrigued by the name and my whole persona that it took some time to convince them otherwise. I was rather enjoying the attention thought because I had secretly chosen Spirit Rising as my Native American name long ago but I had never actually used it to identify myself.

 Anyways, this whole situation led us into a deeper discussion than one might normally expect from a sales call. They were so interesting to talk to that I was actually thankful that it was taking them so long to place a call through to their company. I relaxed and watched to see where our conversation would lead. The younger man was four years sober, out of jail, and slowly building a life for himself. The older man was clearly on a spiritual path. He radiated love, peace and joy. As we talked and the similarity of our interests became more evident, he decided to share something with me. I was pleasantly surprised when he handed me a printed version of a “Morning prayer” that he carries with him. I read it every day; not just because its message is so beautiful but because it reminds me that you just never know where your next dose of inspiration will come from.

 Let your spirit soar!

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