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Having a plan #5/2012

I would like to continue my thoughts on the idea that “A healed mind does not plan. It carries out the plans that it receives through listening to wisdom that is not its own.”

 Do you ever have a deep sense of knowing about something before it happens?  That’s how I feel right now about me moving to a new home. I simply know it is going to happen. What I don’t know is where, when or even how it’s going to happen.

 My rational mind tells me that I should stay close to this area for many personal reasons. It says I should call a realtor, choose a location, begin the house hunt, take stock of my finances, and so on. In other words, it tells me that I need to DO something! On the other hand, my healed (peaceful) mind tells me that, yes, there will be a time for decisions and action but for now I just need to relax and not force anything. It says I will know when I need to take action and what that action will be; that no matter where I decide to live, everything will work out for the highest good; and that all will be revealed to me on a need to know basis at exactly the right time.

 Sitting with the certainty that I will be moving as well as with the un-certainty of how, where or when I’m going to move, is beginning to make more sense to me than running around trying to force something to happen based on a mental script I made up because I think I need to have a plan. I’m recalling when I surrendered my need to plan and control things on my recent trip to the Pacific Northwest. I had an extraordinary vacation and even came across a sample of my dream home way out there! So I think I will just sit tight and enjoy where I am now, trusting that when I remain peaceful, my life continues to unfold in beautiful and amazing ways.

 Let your spirit soar!


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