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For many years now I have used synchronicity (or what some would call coincidence) as a guidepost; as a sign that I “should do this” or “shouldn’t do that” in certain situations. I have given whole workshops on the role that it plays in our lives and have often viewed synchronicity as “the next card I turn over to see which move to make in the game of life.”For the most part, this has served me well.

 But recently, I’ve come to adopt a different view of this phenomenon. I’ve seen how powerful my thoughts are in manifesting things in my life. Whatever I focus on expands. If I entertain thoughts about moving to Colorado, I start seeing references to Colorado in ads, articles, on-line, etc. If I drool over an object I like, I unexpectedly receive that or a similar object as a gift. A few years ago, when I was contemplating opening my shop, I began thinking that it would be nice if the shop’s phone number was easy to remember, such as ending in 1111. That afternoon while looking in an empty storefront in Chelmsford center, I was stunned to see that the realtor’s number ended in 1111, which I interpreted as a sign to move forward with renting that space. But, was it?

 I’m beginning to see that the “coincidences” that I think are showing up to guide me are actually being created by me! That puts a whole new spin on how I interpret them. Although they can be a wonderful confirmation that things are going the way I want, they also show me in what direction I am heading. They remind me that what I am thinking is actually materializing in my life and give me the chance to ask myself the all important question, Is this what I want? If not, I can be grateful for the warning, change my thoughts, and choose again.

Let your spirit soar!

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