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A recent opportunity to enter a writing competition led me to recall this story from my past. I’d like to share it with you.

My husband of over thirty years was a wonderful partner in many ways but not necessarily on the dance floor. He was a bit awkward and reluctant at best. I, on the other hand, loved to dance. If given the chance to be with an experienced partner, I was certain that I would be able to follow him effortlessly. Instead, I found myself sitting on the sidelines, tapping my foot to the music, and wishing my husband, Roger, could be the one to twirl me across the floor. After his passing, I began going to singles dances. It was there that I met Johnny O. By the end of our first dance together, I knew I had found the partner of my dreams. (It wasn’t long until I realized he was my romantic partner as well.) On the first night we met, someone actually asked us how long we had been dancing together. We were soon getting compliments all the time.

There was another man who attended the same dances who looked very much like my late husband. I had only seen him from afar and had never even made eye contact or spoken with him but, every time I saw him I instantly thought of Roger. Sometimes I would have the feeling that Roger’s spirit was watching me dance with Johnny. He had never seen me dance with someone else when he was alive so I found myself wondering what he was thinking. One night, while dancing a slow dance with Johnny, I got a very strong feeling that Roger was watching us. A wave of love for him washed over me and I silently sent that love back up to him. Just then, someone tapped me on the shoulder. At first I was a little annoyed at having this tender moment interrupted but, when I turned around, the man that looked like my husband was standing there! I was so stunned that I nearly fell over when he gave me a gentle smile and, with great admiration, asked, “Where did you ever learn to dance like that?”

Let your spirit soar!


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