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Greetings #12/2012

I am reminded of another story about being visited from the spirit world. It began when I prepared a speech about teaching our big, black Labrador retriever, Cobalt, to sit and stay. He had been learning so well that I decided to make him sit very far away from me in our back yard. Then, I called to him all the way from our front yard. The problem was I hadn’t taught him to stop when he reached me and this time there was enough distance for him to get a running start. Next thing I knew, I had eighty-five pounds of exuberant puppy barreling straight toward my kneecaps! I didn’t know which way to move, so I simply turned my back to him and waited for the crash. He swerved at the last minute, clearly enjoying playing “chicken” with me. A few days after I gave my speech about our beloved dog who had since passed away, a similar incident occurred while I was walking the trails of a nearby state forest. In the distance I saw a couple let their big dog off his leash. As soon as they did, he headed straight toward me at lightening speed. Not knowing what to expect, I froze but, instead of swerving around me, the dog bounded up and greeted me with so much enthusiasm that it was like the final scene from the movie, “Lassie Come Home”. The dog was so jubilant to see me that I believe in my heart it was Cobalt’s way of reenacting a story fresh in my mind to greet me from the spirit world.

Let your spirit soar!



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