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TO DO #15/2012

I remember hearing someone talking one day about TO DO lists and the benefit of addressing “the elephant in the room” first. Being an avid list maker myself, he got my attention. He went on to say that everything else on my list will get done much faster and easier if I do the most dreaded thing (the elephant) first. Sometimes I procrastinate about doing something because I don’t yet have enough information about what the appropriate action is. But most of the time, I already know what to do. Instead, I conveniently push it aside in favor of doing the simpler tasks, convincing myself that I’m accomplishing something because I have crossed many smaller items off my list. But, what if the top priority on my list was peace of mind? I’ve discovered that I can sabotage my peace of mind for a day, a week, or even months by avoiding a difficult task! Then, once I finally get to it, it usually turns out to be less of a big deal than I had made it out to be. And, even if it was a big deal, at least it is finally behind me. The relief that comes from dealing with whatever I found difficult, annoying, or fearful, lifts the latch, allowing the gate to my peace of mind to swing wide open. Ahhhhhhh!

 Let your spirit soar!


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