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This morning at breakfast I felt that twinge of discomfort that signals the need for more dental work. Ugh. I don’t actually mind having the work done. My dentist is terrific. I worry about the cost. Right now I’m sitting at the auto repair shop, waiting for my car to have more work done on it than I had anticipated. They’re telling me that even more work will need to be done soon. The bills are mounting. Do I have enough money to pay them? Y-e-a-a-a-h-h-h, I begrudgingly admit to myself thinking, but that’s not where I want to spend it! Just then a new customer enters the shop. I hear the owner ask him what made him choose to come there. He says, “Word of mouth. I’ve heard good things about you.” The owner’s eyes catch mine and I smile. “They’ve taken great care of my whole family for years.” I tell the young man. Then I think, so has my dentist. Both of these businesses strive for and attain excellence in their service every day. No matter where you go, it is costly to maintain your teeth and your car, but they have gone the extra mile to provide truly outstanding service on a regular basis. They have improved the quality of my life and, by supporting them, I can improve theirs. So, I have a new outlook as I write my check today. Instead of bemoaning where my money is going, I’ve come to realize that . . . . . I’m happy to support excellence.

Let your spirit soar!

(NOTE: I did not write this as an advertisement. However, if you wish to know the name of either business, send me an e-mail request and I’ll happily share the information.)



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