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 Something I heard on Oprah’s network the other night really struck me. A man was telling about his experience when he sat with the famous guru, Maharaj ji. He said, “It wasn’t just that he (the guru) was loving everybody. It was that, while in his presence, I was loving everyone too.”

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the woes of the world, wondering what I can possibly do to end things like war and hunger. But when I remember that how I am being is more important than what I am doing, I begin to quiet the angry, fearful, needy, judgmental, war-like thoughts in my own mind. I make room for the love that is our true nature to come forth. That’s what I can do in the world. I can learn how to be a calm loving presence, knowing that the love will be felt near and far, gently lifting us all to a higher place within ourselves.

Now, that’s a goal worth pursuing.

Let your spirit soar!

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