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Luck #18/2012

My boyfriend says I’m the luckiest person he knows. It is true that, no matter what I venture into, somehow I always manage to land on my feet. I may not win the lottery, but things fall into place and come to me easily in delightful, unexpected ways. Recently I heard spiritual leader, Deepak Chopra, say, “Good luck is a state of grace. It is Spirit walking with you wherever you go.” Well, I certainly don’t live in a constant state of grace. My cat would attest to that if she could talk. However, I find that the more often I am able to align myself with the higher qualities of love, peace, joy, compassion and forgiveness, the more smoothly everything goes for me. I feel like the person in the commercials who is able to dodge all the obstacles in the road because they are driving a safe, dependable car. When I remember to choose Spirit as my vehicle to navigate life, when I let it guide my every move, the trip is much smoother and the road seems to be paved with luck. When people ask me how I’ve come to be so ‘lucky’, I just tell them, “I’ve got the best vehicle.”

Let your spirit soar!                                             

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