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I used to think following my heart’s desire meant being selfish and uncaring. But over the years I’ve come to realize that following my heart doesn’t necessarily mean doing what is easiest for me. For example, I might desire to support someone else on their life’s journey, even if it’s really hard at times for me to do that. I know of a woman who has chosen to sit by her comatose daughter’s side for many, many years without a break! So, how do I know whether to stay in a difficult situation or not? What is the deciding factor between sticking it out and walking away?

I find it helpful to ask myself, what is my motive for staying? Is it a labor of love? In spite of how challenging the situation might be, do I feel an inner peace and sense of joy from helping/caring/sharing? That’s when I know I’m right where I am supposed to be. But, if I discover that I’m only there out of a sense of guilt, fear, being a “do-gooder”, or obligation, then I know it’s time for me to walk away. That isn’t always easy to do because sometimes it does look and feel selfish and uncaring. But, over and over and over again, I’ve received this same lesson: We are all really One in the perfect mind of God. When we are true to our own heart’s desires, we are being true to everyone else as well. We cannot possibly know what another’s path should look like or how their life’s lessons are to unfold. Our own heart’s desires are leading us to the experiences we need to have to help us realize our Oneness and unlimited potential as part of God. When we gently and lovingly follow our heart’s calling, no matter how disruptive it seems to those around us, we are providing them the opportunity to experience the lessons that will help them to realize their full potential as well.

What is your heart’s desire?

Let your spirit soar!

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