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A conversation I had today reminded me of an experience from a few years back. I had contacted a local restaurant owner about displaying some of my paintings at his business. He set up an appointment for me to meet him there the next morning to show him my work. I took five or six of my newest pieces off the front wall of my art studio and put them in the car. When I arrived at the restaurant the following morning, the door was locked and I was unable to reach the owner by phone. I sat there for about thirty minutes but he never showed up. I left my paintings in my car and called him repeatedly for a few more days to see if we could reschedule but was never able to reach him directly. I started joking that perhaps he was just a ghost and didn’t really exist.

 I hadn’t returned to my studio during those few days because I was too busy. When I finally did go back, I was shocked to discover that there had been a huge spill in the studio above mine. Dirty water had come through the ceiling and ran down the entire front wall of my studio where my paintings would have been if I hadn’t kept them in the car while trying to contact the restaurant owner. All of a sudden, he wasn’t such a bad guy after all. Once again, I was shown that things aren’t always happening for the reason I think. Getting annoyed with him was a total waste of my energy. Instead, I should have been celebrating.

Let your spirit soar!

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