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I just upgraded my cell phone. Selecting from the huge variety of available ringtones reminded me of my late husband telling about when they got new intravenous pumps at the hospital where he worked. He did not like them at all. “The old ones” he said, “had a soft, slow, gentle alarm when they needed tending to. It sounded like, ‘Come  –  here.   When  –  you  – can.’ But the new ones” he continued, “had an unnervingly loud, rapid, buzzing alarm that sounded like, ‘COME-HEAR-NOW! REALLY-FAST!” His story reminded me to give some thought to what kind of ringtone I select. Do I want it to be gentle and quiet, catchy and upbeat, or loud and annoying? There’s no right or wrong answer. The choice is mine; just as it is my choice what tone I want to set for my day (and my night). What are the last thoughts I choose to have before going to sleep and my first thoughts upon waking? Do I want to go to sleep with my head filled with worry thoughts or do I want to quiet my mind first with thoughts of gratitude for my many blessings? Do I awaken with thoughts of dread and anxiety about my perceived problems or do I start my day with joyful anticipation and gratitude for the blessings to come? It only takes a few moments and the choice is mine. I think I will choose more carefully, next time I’m setting the tone.

Let your spirit soar!

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