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Today I was having difficulty coming up with a thought to share with you. Even though I quieted my mind and asked for inner guidance, the words just wouldn’t seem to come. Instead, I fell asleep. When I awoke, I decided to open the home- study course I’ve been taking. It’s a course on facilitating spiritual awareness classes. I had to smile when I saw these words: “When you ask, the words will come. But know that it is not the words which help others heal. It is the love and peace you extend which broadcasts like a lighthouse.”

So that’s what I’m reminded to share with you this week. It’s not so much our efforts in this world that are important. No matter how hard we try, we won’t always succeed. What’s important is the intention behind our efforts. If we come from a place of love and peace in all we do, we can never truly fail. All efforts are maximal.

Sometimes my words may touch you deeply; other times, not so much. Either way, please know that, underlying each thought, I always send you peace and love.

Let your spirit soar!
Love and Peace

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