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Missing Out #24/2012

Am I a morning person? (chuckle) I don’t think so. That’s not my high functioning time of day to be sure. I do usually wake up around 6:15am but I have no trouble convincing myself to go back to sleep until at least 8am. Then I still like to begin my day slowly after that. No morning jogs for me!

This morning I awoke at 5:15am. I mean I was wide awake and wondering why. As I’m becoming more accustomed to doing, I silently asked my higher self, what is this for? How should I use this time? I instantly heard, go outside.

I got up, had an early breakfast, and stepped out my back door to the smell of air that was intoxicatingly sweet, a gentle breeze, and the sun’s perfect warmth. An owl sung to me from a distance while smaller birds chirped their message of joy nearby. The sky’s soft blue watched over me and the earth’s bright green sparkled with dew beneath my feet. A plethora of tall stemmed purple flowers danced and swayed beside me. But what I enjoyed the most was the clarity. The air was so crisp, clean and fresh, so crystal clear, that it felt as if I was seeing with a new and improved vision.

So, why was I awakened this particular morning and prompted to go outside? The message was as clear as the air. It’s time to wake up; not just to the beauty of morning, but to life itself. If I stay asleep . . . I miss out.

Let your spirit soar!

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