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Slow Motion #25/2012

I can remember helping my aunt dry dishes when I was a little girl. I was relaxed until she cautioned me to be careful because the dish I was holding had sentimental value. I immediately slowed down and paid more attention to what I was doing; drying and setting the dish down ever so gently.

This morning, I had a similar experience while preparing my usual breakfast. There was nothing out of the ordinary about it except my state of mind. Having just meditated, I was feeling exceptionally peaceful and unhurried. As my movements slowed down more and more, everything I touched seemed to take on a sacred quality. From my vitamin pill to the eggs and the frying pan, I handled each item with tender, loving care. The slower I went, the more profoundly peaceful I became. I began to realize that it wasn’t the objects themselves that I revered. It was the state of being. I had become mindful of the sacredness of life itself.

If you’ve never tried it, I highly recommend taking ten to fifteen minutes to consciously slow down some task you’re doing. Take time to savor each moment and love yourself and each object in an exaggerated way. Treat yourself and whatever you are doing as sacred and see how you feel. And the next time you have a delicate task to perform . . . don’t let fear make you careful.

 Let love make you mindful.                                

Let your spirit soar!

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