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I sit here by the river, enjoying the lovely view and soaking in the sun. My blanket is spread on the clover dotted green grass. A warm breeze caresses my face and I am peaceful. Then, I notice a bee in the distance, moving ever closer on its pollination quest. Perhaps I should sit somewhere else, I think, up on a bench or someplace with fewer flowers.

Bees make me nervous.                                      

But two thoughts come to mind:

     I have only been stung three times in my entire life.
     The last time was over fifty years ago.

I laugh.

I am learning that fear isn’t real. If it was, we would all have the same ones. I once read that fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. It is something I project out into the world, seeing the problem as external to myself. Then I run, hide, or defend myself against it. It is occurring to me today that I could simply stop projecting it.

The bees aren’t my enemy. Fear is. Bee stings are just one way I allow it to show up in my life. So today I’m choosing to sit peacefully amidst the clover, letting the bees be bees, and letting myself be me . . . calm, peaceful,


Let your spirit soar!


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