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I recently saw a television commercial featuring a service to help small business owners get started. It showed a man interacting with individuals in his company, but they all had his name and looked remarkably like him. The commentator said that when you start up a small business, initially, “It’s all you.”

There’s more truth than jest in those words. I no longer have any doubt that we are all One. We may appear to have separate bodies and separate thoughts, but we all originate from one mind. That’s why helping someone feels so good! We are really helping a part of ourselves.

As I go about the small “business” of my daily life, finding myself tempted to judge someone instead of helping (loving) them, I hope I remember the commentator’s words. With each and every encounter, I need to remind myself. It’s all you, Paula. It’s all YOU!

Let your spirit soar!                            

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