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I just received a call from someone I haven’t heard from in many, many years – the wife of a couple my husband, Roger, and I met on our honeymoon in 1973! We spent a few evenings with them back then and have only spoken with them three or four times in the past thirty-nine years. She wasn’t aware that Roger had passed on six years ago. It’s been a long time since I’ve recounted the story of his passing to someone who knew him. It made his memory more alive for me than ever. I had to smile when the caller said that her ex-husband now lives in Russia. Roger was fascinated with that country and had even begun learning the Russian language.

When our call ended, I realized that there wasn’t a single person on the planet who knew or would care about our connection with this couple. There was no one I could turn to and say, Guess who I heard from today!

But, then again, maybe I can. I know Roger was with us in spirit during that call. And, many people are alive who knew him well. If you’re one of them . . . Guess who I heard from today!

Let your spirit soar!

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