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Personal growth books have played an important role in my life for a long time. As I was thinking about what I wanted to share with you this week, my mind kept straying to the title of one of my favorite books. I kept trying to ignore it until I realized that the book is one of many I would love to tell you about. It’s called, Joy is my Compass, by Alan Cohen. In it he says, “If you are at an important crossroads in your life, you are being challenged to make the all-important choice between what others want or expect you to be, and who you are. Love yourself enough to make yourself happy, and you will always be grateful you followed your path with heart.”

I even love his dedication. It says, “To Mary, who has shown me the light of my soul by reminding me that playing is as important as praying.” So I would encourage you to check out this book and, over the summer, remember to play often and let joy be your compass.

Let your spirit soar!


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