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Shifting Gears #32

Shifting gears   #32

Early morning caller . . . “Is there any chance on such short notice that you could mind my daughter today from 10am-2pm? ”

“Today?!!!” I ask. “Oh, I can’t.”

I have plans, you know. I usually go line-dancing on Fridays and then I have an hour long conference call starting at 11am. I tell her my reasons. “Sorry.” Case closed.

“Could you possibly take your conference call from my place?” she asks. Hmmmm. I hadn’t thought of that. (First gear) “Can I think about it and call you back?” I say. I see that I already have a salad made that I could take for lunch. And I still have time to pack up my computer and materials I need for my call before I go dancing from 9-10am.

 I’ve been dealing with a health issue that has lowered my energy level. Will I really want to dance the whole hour? Probably not. I guess I could leave the dance a little early. (Second gear)

Besides, couldn’t I use the extra income? (Third gear)

And, didn’t I promise myself that I would assist this friend through a tough time for as long as it took? (Fourth gear)

I pick up the phone. “Hi. I can be there by 10:15.” (Cruising)

Some plans can’t be so easily changed – “I’m boarding a plane in 15 minutes.” OK. But more often than not it’s a simple case of resistance. I made these plans and I expect things to go this way. More and more I’m discovering that, when I let go of needing things to go a certain way, they actually turn out better. Today I still got to go line-dancing. I saw my young friend for four hours. I had my conference call as usual, earned money while doing it, got the inspiration for this blog, and helped out my friend at the same time.

Now, was that so hard?

Let your spirit soar!

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