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Suffering #33/2012

I just finished speaking with a woman who has endured more hardship than any one person should ever have to bear. She came to me, seeking information about A Course in Miracles. Studying the course is no small undertaking. People often turn to it when they’ve reached a point of desperation. It’s not the only pathway to joy, but it’s the most gentle, most effective one I know.

I have great compassion for this woman’s suffering, but I also recognize the opportunity it is affording her. I would never wish suffering on anyone. God does not want us to suffer. His will for us is perfect joy. I am becoming more joyful each and every day, but I have to admit, my greatest advances often come on the heels of what I perceive as some level of suffering. I find it’s not until I reach a point of surrender, of saying that I don’t know and I’m willing to entertain a different way of looking at things, that I crack the door open to the joy that is always there, waiting for me to recognize and claim it for myself.

I can’t choose joy for this person, but I can reassure her that it is possible for her to choose it for herself. Now that she’s cracked the door open . . .

I hope she steps through.

Let your spirit soar!

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