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Distractions #34/2012

“What are your plans for today?” my boyfriend asks.

“My book.” I declare with certainty. “I plan to write the ending to my book today.” In my mind I’m thinking, I haven’t a clue how to start that last chapter.

We get up to start our day. I discover I can’t place an outside call because my land-line just died. There’s no dial tone. Okay, I’ll have to call the phone company about that. I call from my cell phone and it starts acting funny too. Twenty-five minutes later I have finally made an appointment for service from Comcast. Then I remember my car’s sun visor broke yesterday. It is dangling vertically down to the steering wheel. Okay, I need to scout around for replacement parts for that. Meanwhile, I remember my son’s birthday is fast approaching and I need to order his gift on-line. My computer is not cooperating. It awakens so slowly that I have time to do the dishes while I’m waiting. My cat isn’t helping. She is throwing up on my living room carpet. I stop to clean up the mess . . . and so my day goes.

It’s now 2:30 in the afternoon. What was it I said I was going to do today? Oh, yeah. My book.

I’ve discovered that writing is like any other creative project. When I’m on a roll with what I want to write, a bulldozer rumbling through my apartment couldn’t get my attention. However, when I’m not quite sure what to write, even the smallest distraction will easily derail me.

I think, Don’t know what to write, Paula?

I tell myself, No, but that’s OK. I’m too busy doing tedious, mundane, irritating or gross tasks to have time for any thing I deem important.

Let your spirit soar!

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