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Heaven Sent #35/2012

I want to tell you about my exciting opportunity. I have been writing a book for the past few years. It is a spiritual memoir titled, SPIRIT RISING, A Commoner’s Journey to Uncommon Joy. Six months ago I began researching publishing companies. I recently learned that the top company on my list is hosting a writing contest. First place is a publishing contract with them and a $5,000 advance. My book fits the contest requirements precisely and the timing is perfect. My book is so near completion that I know I can meet the September 27th submission deadline.

Because I have been strongly guided to write this book as part of my life’s work, I feel that this contest is heaven sent. I rejoice at how easily everything comes together when I listen to and follow spirit’s guidance. I rejoice that I have you, dear readers, to share my journey with. And, win or lose, I rejoice that this opportunity led me to finish writing a book that has helped me to grow in many wonderful ways.

Let your spirit soar!
PS I will know on October 19th if I made it to round two. I will keep you posted. J

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