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Forgot #36

Forgot   #36

My boyfriend just called. “Honey, where’s your blog this week?”

Shocked silence. “I forgot!” I say. In twenty months I have never forgotten.

“You must have had a busy week.” he says. My mind rewinds. What was I doing all week?

My Book! I worked on it all week. I spent six hours on it yesterday. I was so totally absorbed that I even forgot to eat. I forgot everything else. (I love writing my blog too. Sometimes it totally absorbs me, but this week it was my book.)

What can I say?

Here’s what: If you haven’t already, find something in your life that you love so much that it takes you out of time, out of your body, out of your small mind (worries and fears), and puts you in touch with your higher self; with that part of you that wants to express in some glorious way. You may occasionally miss a deadline, but you’ll feel more alive.

Let your spirit soar!

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