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Uncommon Joy #37

I have often said that what we focus on expands. For the last twenty months I have been focused on writing this blog and my memoir about my “journey to uncommon joy.” Sometimes, when I would have a difficult day, I would question whether I was qualified to write about joy. I would remind myself that I was only writing about my journey to joy. I would reassure myself that I would be experiencing uncommon joy by the time I finished my book. Yesterday morning, I worked on the last chapter. Later, I called a friend. While we were talking, I suddenly had the urge to laugh. Neither of us were being funny, but I was giggling uncontrollably. I felt so joyful that I simply had to laugh . . . and laugh . . . and laugh.

Am I joyful all the time? Heck, no.
Am I joyful more often now? Certainly.
Is it an uncommon joy? YES!

Are you focused on joy today?

Let your spirit soar!

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