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Winning #42

A while back I shared that I was entering my spiritual memoir manuscript in a writing contest. Thank you again for all the encouragement and support I received from you. Today, the thirty potential candidates were announced. My book is not one of them. I was a bit surprised because it felt like the stars were aligned on this one. What I’m forgetting is that the stars are always aligned. It is my resistance that gets in the way. As with all journeys I’ve taken in life, I don’t always end up where I think I am going. If I resist the new direction, I miss the other glorious opportunities that may be presented to me along the way. I might never have completed my book if that contest had not looked so promising and I never would have had the delightful interaction that I experienced with new friends in a writer’s group. I am certain my book will be published at just the right time in just the right way. The details don’t matter right now. I’ve already won.

Let your spirit soar!                                              


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