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Yesterday morning I found myself remembering an incident that happened many years ago and I realized I was still feeling guilty about it. I had made a big mistake at work and discovered that the other person I had involved was taking the rap for it rather than incriminate me. Admitting my error would have incurred the wrath of my very intimidating supervisor. I couldn’t do it. I folded instead.

 Last night I found myself in a similar situation. I didn’t make a mistake, but I knew my truthful answer to a question posed by someone extremely dear to me could lead to a stormy encounter. I feared it could even be a deal breaker in our relationship. But, on the heels of thinking about that long ago incident at work, I knew the ultimate deal breaker would have been a further compromised relationship with myself. So I swallowed hard and spoke the truth. The sky got pretty cloudy for a while. I weathered the storm. More importantly,

I slept well last night.

Let your spirit soar!

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