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Do You See What I See? #51


Each year, as Christmas approaches, I feel a softening in people’s hearts. There is a heightened sense of giving and sharing, of forgiveness and hope. We find ourselves extending well wishes to total strangers whom we might usually ignore. For a while, we seem to see things differently. Perhaps we are seeing through the eyes of Christ as we celebrate Jesus’ birth.

A Course in Miracles says, “Christ’s eyes are open, and He will look on whatever you see with love if you accept His vision as yours.” I want to remember that thought, not just during the holidays, but always. It is God’s gift to me. The Course goes on to say, “What would you see? The choice is given you. But learn and do not let your mind forget this law of seeing: You will look upon that which you feel within. If hatred finds a place within your heart, you will perceive a fearful world, held cruelly in death’s sharp-pointed, bony fingers. If you feel the Love of God within you, you will look out on a world of mercy and of love.”

 So, the next time I find myself looking upon someone (including myself!) with judgment, I hope I can pause long enough to hear Christ asking me, “Do you see what I see?”

 Wishing you the holiest, most blessed holiday season, filled with visions of love.

 Let your spirit soar!

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