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A Whole New World #52

For months now I have been saying that the last day of the Mayan calendar would not mark the end of the world, but it would mark the end of the world as we know it. It would signify a shift in consciousness so great that there would be no mistaking its impact; no possibility of turning back. We would see and experience an increase of love, peace and joy in the world that would be unrivaled in our history. I did not know how this could happen; how we could possibly affect this global change. What I didn’t understand was that the shift would be occurring within me. The world did not have to change for me to see and experience more peace, love and joy.

 I did.

 NOTE: One of my favorite ways to share my ever increasing joy is through writing. And so, dear readers, I look forward to continuing this blog in the new year. I will post a new message every other week, starting January 12th. This will afford me time to explore other writing venues. I will keep you informed as my writing options expand so you can come along with me.

 Wishing you much love and laughter in the New Year.
Let your spirit soar!

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